3d tic tac toe

3d tic tac toe

It's Tic - Tac - Toe with a twist. This intricately designed 3D version of Tik-Tac-Toe takes the pencil and paper game to a whole new level. Choose your pawns and. 3D tic-tac-toe, also known by the trade name Qubic, is an abstract strategy board game, generally for two players. It is similar in concept to traditional tic-tac-toe  ‎ Pencil and paper · ‎ "Qubic" · ‎ Game play and analysis · ‎ Computer implementations. However whilst it is a game in a 3 x 3 x 3 matrix, it has very different win conditions to Tic Tac Toe in that the player with the most row of 3, when the pawns are all.

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Click on the icon below to download a free copy of Adobe Flash Player. As computer storage became cheaper and the internet made it possible, these positions and moves were made available online. Spieler welche dieses Spiel mögen, spielen auch gerne. Durch die Dreidimensionalität sind immer mehrere Diagonalen möglich, so dass man sehr aufmerksam spielen muss, um nicht eine zu übersehen. Um dieses Game zu spielen, muss der Adobe Flash Player installiert sein. Starlight 2 x gespielt. Bisher wurden von spielen. 3d tic tac toe


Classic Game Room HD - 3D TIC-TAC-TOE for Atari 2600 review Die Kugeln fallen bis zur Bodenplatte oder bis auf die darunterliegende Kugel. Klicke auf den Button unter diesem Text um den Player zu installieren kostenlos This game requires the Adobe Flash Player to be installed. Oh Oh, bist wirst du damit Fertig? In anderen Projekten Commons. MySupergames Favoriten anzeigen Anmelden Kostenlos registrieren. The circular playing pieces resembled small poker chips in red, blue, and yellow.