Blood diamond guns

blood diamond guns

The following weapons were used in the film World War Z: . Similar composite carbines appeared in Blood Diamond and Black Hawk Down. Colt Model. It's true though, diamonds are a about as rare as the crap that comes out of your ass. People are fucking. In the film's opening, Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio) carries a sub-compact Glock variant, which is most likely a Glock 26 and hands it over when stopped by.


Rebel fight scene from Blood Diamond blood diamond guns Commander Rambo Ato Essandoh of the R. He has come out several times as being very anti gun. All the "Superhinds" carry the French GIAT F2 chin-mounted 20mm cannon. The Sierra Leone Army uses a number of. Categories Movies Guns Actors Television Anime Video Games Manufacturers Images General Information. He uses a modified Weaver stance or shoots one-handed.